Testimonies media
Testimonies media


“I can’t begin to explain how grateful we are for Addison’s IPad! Who knew a simple electronic device could help so much with taking cancer and sickness off of a child’s mind?! Even on her worst days, she wants her tablet! She loves it so much (too much sometimes…LOL) that we have to make her turn it off so she can go to bed! Lol! Your foundation made Addie’s treatment at times more bearable if that makes sense! How can you really even use the words “cancer” and “bearable” in the same sentence right?! But that iPad did just that! It engaged her mind in other things and for that, I am SO incredibly grateful. Currently, because she is immunocompromised, her iPad is an invaluable tool helping her to keep up with her classwork while she is being homeschooled! Thank you!!!

- Lindsay Pitre
Brooke Hughes

“Hi! I am Brooke, I had stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I’m on my last cycle of chemo now. I’m the 6th picture down and I couldn’t be much happier with what you’re doing for people that are battling cancer, when I got the iPad it really made my entire day and I always hate my chemo days because of how sick it makes me. Ever since I got it I haven’t gotten off it, I love it! Thank you for what you’re doing! “

- Brooke Hughes
Aurelia iPad

“We are incredibly thankful for Aurelia’s iPad from your foundation!!

From her 10 hour chemo appointments to our journey to St Judes hospital in Memphis for radiation therapy, a 16 hour drive, it kept her busy. She’s able to connect on hotspots and play Roblox with our family back in Florida. She’s able to FaceTime with them when she’s upset about being away from them. It was a true blessing.”

- Aurelia family
Karsen iPad

“Karsen is so grateful for the iPad he received from The Miracle At Manchester Foundation. Clinic visits and hospital stays during his chemo treatments give Karsen major anxiety.  Especially when he has to have his port accessed.  Watching YouTube videos while he is getting accessed is the only thing that distracts him and keeps his mind off of how uncomfortable it makes him feel.  Prior to receiving it, he used to give the nurses such a hard time, and it was a long drawn out process. Now it goes much smoother.

Also, being cooped up in the hospital room for five days can be very, very boring. After day one of chemo, Karsen doesn’t feel very well, so he watches videos, Netflix, and plays games all while laying in bed.  He’s also able to FaceTime with friends and family during his stays, which keeps him engaged and his mind occupied! Thank you Miracle at Manchester for making Karsen’s 3rd battle with cancer more tolerable.”

- Krissie Winter

Helping enrich the lives of children suffering from pediatric cancer.